Simon Pegg returns to Shaun of the Dead for great Tom Cruise parody

Simon Pegg has made his own Tom-Cruise-style "Happy Holidays" video, but instead of jumping off a helicopter, he pops to his local corner shop for a Cornetto.

Shaun of the Dead

Everyone has been going bananas over Tom Cruise’s videos from the set of the latest Mission: Impossible movies, firstly – one where he jumps off a cliff on a motorcycle, and a second one where he wishes us a safe and happy holidays while jumping out of a helicopter. So, Cruise’s Mission: Impossible co-star Simon Pegg decided to send his own high-octane “happy holidays” message, in his own special way.

In the Instagram video, Pegg is seen walking down an average, bog-standard British street – which may be familiar to fans of Edgar Wright’s work including Spaced, and the Cornetto Trilogy. Pegg says; “This week Tom Cruise did a video where he jumped off a helicopter and wished everybody happy holidays, and I just thought that was really, really cool – y’know? So, I thought what can I do that is in-keeping with my own cinematic oeuvre to wish people a happy Christmas and what have you? But I couldn’t really think of anything.”

The funniest part is that Pegg trips while crossing the street, in comparison to Cruise, who seamlessly performs death-defying stunts.

Pegg continues; “So I thought what I’d do is just pop across the road and have a Cornetto, and have a think about it. Because it would be really nice if I did something special and was about what I sort of do. Tom does all the jumping off shit, but that’s not really me y’know? So, just give me a minute and I’ll come back and I’ll wish everybody a merry Christmas.”

Edgar Wright reposted Pegg’s video with the caption; “So today Mr. Simon Pegg went on a little Christmas trip to Crouch End. I can’t put my finger on it but this shot looks awfully familiar…Shout out to Nelson Road and Weston Park. And the corner shop that has likely sold a LOT of Cornettos since 2004. This was shot by Simon’s mother Gill!”

Who knew that wandering over to your local corner shop for a Cornetto could become so iconic? If you’re a fan of Wright’s rom-zom-com, check out our guide to the best comedy movies and the best zombie movies.