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House of the Dragon: why didn’t Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower?

House of the Dragon: The Dance of the Dragons has begun but why didn't why didn't Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower and end the war before it began

House of the Dragon: why didn't Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower?

Why didn’t Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower? Warning spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon episode 10. The Greens, led by Otto Hightower, have usurped Rhaenyra  Targaryen’s throne and claimed the Seven kingdoms in the name of Aegon II Targaryen.

Despite the danger Rhaenyra poses to Aegon’s rule, his mother, Alicent Hightower, has demanded they spare her life. As such, Otto was sent to Dragonstone to try and negotiate peace with the Targaryens. During the negotiations, Rhaenyra’s husband, Daemon Targaryen, decided he would kill Otto for treason, but the Queen saved his life.

So why didn’t Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower? She has every right to want the Hand of the King dead for stealing her birthright, but she saved him. Why? Well, we have a few theories why the Black Queen didn’t put Otto’s head on a spike.

Why didn’t Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower?

There are several reasons Rhaenyra didn’t kill Otto. The first and most apparent is that despite all that’s come to pass, otto is the father of her best friend, Alicent. Having just lost her beloved dad, Viserys, Rhaenyra likely doesn’t want to put her friend through the same trauma.

The second reason is far more pragmatic, however. The Greens may have made the first move and usurped the Iron Throne from her, but the Dance of the Dragons technically hasn’t begun at this point. Killing Otto Hightower would do nothing but provoke a war that might still be avoided and rob Rhaenyra of the time she needed to gather allies.

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The final reason is a matter of law. Guest rights — the promise that guests will not be harmed when visiting the home of another lord or lady  —is a serious thing in Westeros, and even the most reprehensible of House of the Dragon characters would think twice about breaking this rule. Killing someone who came in peace would not be looked at favourably by the lords of Westeros, even if they were a queen.

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