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Exclusive: Na’vi do have genitals say Avatar 2 cast

Our interview with cast-members from Avatar: The Way of Water has revealed that the Na'vi do have genitals, and can't rely on their weird braids for everything.

Avatar 2

If there’s one thing that stands out from the first Avatar – and there has been a long-running debate about how memorable and impactful it was – it’s the freaky hair braids. A sex scene involving the disturbing tendrils was in some versions, but not all, leading to a ‘Mandela effect’ moment where people weren’t sure if it was real or a collective fever dream. Thankfully, we here at TDF ask the important questions and tried to get to the bottom of this issue with some of the cast of the sci-fi series.

We spoke to Avatar 2 cast members Jamie Flatters and Jack Champion – who play two of the teenage children of Jake and Neytiri, and Bailey Bass, who plays Tsireya, the love interest of their son Lo’ak. And we asked if there was anything that Cameron told them about the Na’vi that we don’t see onscreen.

Bailey Bass responded, “I don’t think so. I honestly don’t think so. I think he explained everything in great detail about what we needed to do. The beauty of it is that people can go to Disney World and experience Pandora. I mean, that felt so similar to what the training process was…”

Jamie Flatters then interjected with, “I thought you were there that day? Ok, we’re going there. Well, we started talking one day about the genetics of the avatar body.” Bailey Bass asked, “Having babies?” Flatters responded, “Well, there was the line, don’t shoot yourself in the…And then we had to talk about like, the sexual organ of the Na’vi…”

Bailey Bass said; “They do have genitals..” And Flatters said, “Hey, that’s an exclusive.” Upon further research, we have discovered that; “the intertwining of queues (freaky braids) is both highly erotic and profoundly spiritual, but is not the actual act of sexual reproduction.” So, it turns out that the Na’vi do need genitals.

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