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Angela Lansbury honoured in Beauty and the Beast anniversary show

Angela Lansbury got a touching tribute from Shania Twain during a special Beauty and the Beast performance to mark 30 years of the great Disney movie

Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote

Beauty and the Beast is one of the all-time best Disney movies, and part of what makes it great is Angela Lansbury as Mrs Potts. Her rendition of the Disney song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a real tearjerker, and at a recent anniversary performance, the late actor was honoured in a beautiful way.

In Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration, Shania Twain came out to sing the eponymous number. She nails the classic tune from the musical animated movie, as you’d expect her to, accompanied by scenes from the film projected behind her. Right towards the end, Lansbury herself is shown to honour her presence.

After such a romantic rendition, it’s enough to leave a lump in your throat. Lansbury passed away in October of this year, aged 96, leaving behind an incredible legacy across stage and screen.

Besides Beauty and the Beast, she was perhaps best known for thriller series Murder, She Wrote, where she played amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher as she solved various killings. It’s a delightful ’90s TV show.

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Twain felt the pressure for the gig, but was inspired by Lansbury’s own playful perspective. “Alan Menken was on stage with me playing the piano, and that comforted me a great deal,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It was such an epic moment in my career to perform his own song with him there next to me. It was important to me to play the role with style and grace. A sense of humour inspired by Angela’s charm. I kept Angela in mind the whole time.”

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