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Alita 2 discussions are happening, confirms producer

Good news members of the Alita Army! Producer Jon Landau has revealed that discussions for Alita 2 are still ongoing with director Robert Rodriguez

Alita 2 discussions are happening, confirms producer

When it comes to cult classics, few films have a more dedicated fanbase ready to fight for a sequel than the 2019 science fiction movie Alita: Battle Angel. And now, after years of waiting, it looks like the highly anticipated follow-up to the cyberpunk film may finally be underway.

Based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga series Gunnm (Battle Angle Alita in English), Alita tells the story of a cyborg who awakens in a fresh new body with no memories. Alita must adapt to her new life and set out to find her true calling. Despite its box-office success, grossing $405 million worldwide, the action movie‘s script was often criticised by critics. It should also be noted that any sequels were stalled due to the merger between 20th Century Fox and Disney. However, despite all the odds, nothing can stop the Alita Army, or sway the crew when it comes to expanding the IP.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Alita producer Jon Landau revealed that he and director Robert Rodriguez had discussed plans for Alita: Battle Angel 2.

“Robert [Rodriguez] and I had a conversation about it two weeks ago. We’re very excited about that prospect,” he explained. “Alita is a movie that even now, having recently like re-watched it for what we had, we’re really proud of that movie. And we think that there are more stories to tell with her character and that’s why we want to go back to it.”

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But, despite this promising news, no official announcement on Alita 2 has been made. The Fox and Disney merger still puts the fate of the thriller movie in flux. However, it is promising to learn that it isn’t only fans dedicated to seeing the franchise flourish; Landau and Rodriguez appear dedicated to the Alita 2 cause.

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