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Rings of Power season 3 updates could arrive soon, says Amazon

Amazon is hard at work making Rings of Power season 2, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't expect news on season 3 of the fantasy series soon

Charlie Vickers in Rings of Power

We’re eagerly awaiting updates on Rings of Power season 2, and Amazon is already looking to the future. The third season of the fantasy series is already in planning stages, and we might hear about the timeline on production as soon as 2023.

“We are absolutely committed, we have every reason to be excited,” Vernon Sanders, Amazon’s head of global TV, told Deadline. “They’ve done a tremendous job. It’s a great question about season 3, we’re probably two to three months in on season 3, but I think there could be news certainly in the new year.”

This is encouraging, however you shouldn’t hold your breath on the drama series. Season 2 is underway, and the sheer scope means filming and production will take some time. Sanders says as much in his comments.

“There’s so much planning and prep that’s necessary for us to get this mounted that the only reason we probably haven’t gotten there quite yet is we’ve just been so heads down in season 2,” he adds, “but I would expect there to be news in the new year.”

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Rings of Power is an ambitious undertaking, to say the least. The first season of the show cost around $150 million, and it’s expected the entire project will run about $1 billion. Mixing Lord of the Rings characters from Peter Jackson’s fantasy movies as well as new creations, the show examines the second age of Middle-earth, looking at the rise of Sauron and other events in JRR Tolkien’s mythical land.

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