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The Polar Express director won’t call it an animated movie

The Polar Express may look like a standard animated movie, but according to director Robert Zemeckis, it should never have been described as such

Hero Boy in The Polar Express

The Polar Express is not exactly everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, and according to director Robert Zemeckis, it’s also not exactly an animated movie, either. Although it sure looks like one to us.

The 2000s movie unwittingly features some pretty horrifying images of uncanny valley kids, and even the presence of Tom Hanks cannot save The Polar Express from being the butt of the joke. Oddly, the family movie has remained relevant nearly 20 years after its initial release, but not for the right reasons, as its meme-worthy animation style steals the limelight.

Well, in an interview with the BBC at the time of release, Zemeckis tried to explain how The Polar Express is actually not an animated movie at all, but we’re not too sure.

When asked about the movie’s chances of being nominated for the Best Animation Oscar, Zemeckis said: “We’re appreciative of that, although this isn’t an animated film; it’s digitally rendered. The acting is all acting, the directing is all directing. So I think aside from the Academy creating a new category – which I don’t think they’re going to do – I see no reason why it shouldn’t be considered for Best Picture. That would be great.”

Now, I get what Zemeckis is saying here, but to me The Polar Express is still very much an animated movie. I guess his argument would apply to something like Avatar 2, which is almost entirely CGI. The Polar Express, on the other hand, feels more like a bad Pixar movie.

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Whatever you want to call it, the fantasy movie is the stuff of nightmares. Speaking of, check out our list of the best scary movies for kids.