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How do the Na’vi and Avatars have babies?

People really want to know how the Na'vi and the clone avatars have babies for some reason and so here we are explaining alien sex...

How do the Na'vi and Avatars have babies?

For whatever reason, one of the big talking points, when Avatar was first released, was the ‘ponytail sex scene’. Now it’s worth noting that that wasn’t a sex scene. The Na’vi, as The Digital Fix exclusively established, do indeed have genitals, but the scene made a lot of moviegoers ask the question, ‘how do the Na’vi have babies?

Now Avatar 2 is out, and people still seem confused by the whole idea of how the Na’vi and the avatars mate. Well, never let it be said that we here at The Digital Fix shy away from the difficult questions posed by James Cameron’s work. So here’s how the Na’vi and avatars have babies.

How do the Na’vi and Avatars have babies?

The Na’vi reproduce sexually just like human beings and other mammals, as do the artificial avatars. The Na’vi’s unique physiology and spirituality, however, means that there are a few differences. According to the Avatar wiki, the first difference is that the Na’vi see sex as an incredibly spiritual process, and they tend to mate at sacred sites like the Tree of Voices.

The second is that before they mate, they connect their queues (their ponytails) which creates a unique connection between the two Na’vi and supposedly bonds them together for life. While the wiki describes this as an “erotic” act, this was contradicted by Avatar 2 star James Champion who told The Digital Fix that it’s not a sexual thing.

“Yeah, [James Cameron] explained they don’t actually mate with their [ponytails],” Champion said. “That’s more a connection of the minds, but it’s not sexual.” This may be a slight retcon, but if it gets rid of the ponytail sex meme, we’ll take it.

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After connecting their queues, the Na”vi then mate and supposedly remain bonded for life… like swans. If you’re not too grossed out by the idea of giant cat people sex, then we’ve got a mountain of Avatar 2 content for you to enjoy.

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