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Liam Gallagher gives one of 2022’s best movies an amazing review

Legendary Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher might be more of a rock star than a critic but that didn't stop him from reviewing one of the best movies of 2022

liam gallagher triangle of sadness

Some might say that Triangle of Sadness is definitely, maybe, one of the best movies of all time.  The black comedy movie, which has fast become a critical hit, focusses on a group of the super-rich who, after their luxury cruise ship sinks, are left stranded, half the world away on an island.

Little by little throughout the film, it soon becomes apparent that there’s no importance in being idle, with the pampered rich having little-to-no survival skills, and following the pattern of other movies this year like Knives Out 2 and The Menu, acts as a critique and commentary on the consequences of extreme wealth and capitalism.

Directed by Ruben Östlund, the film marks his English language debut, and has already racked up two Golden Globe nominations as well as the 2022 Palme d’Or. Playing influencers, Russian oligarchs, weapons manufacturers and disgruntled boat staff, the main cast of Triangle of Sadness includes Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Dolly de Leon, Zlatko Burić, Henrik Dorsin, Vicki Berlin, and Woody Harrelson.

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With its shocking body horror moments, including that infamous vomiting scene, it’s fair to say the film has caused a stir all around the world — but especially resonated with rock n’roll star and former Oasis member Liam Gallagher. Summing up his thoughts in a brief tweet, he said of the drama movie, “Get on The Triangle of Sadness absolutely bonkers,” and later added in a reply to a fan that he “loves” the film.

Maybe its just the cigarettes and alcohol, but needless to say, according to Gallagher, the legacy of the film will live forever. If his thoughts have you feeling nostalgic for Oasis, stop crying your heart out and instead check out our guides to the best ‘90s movies and ‘90s TV shows.