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Guillermo del Toro would rather die than attempt to make Avatar 2

It seems there's nothing legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro can't do, but he would never want to try and make a film like Avatar 2

Kate Winslet in Avatar 2

When it comes to creating magical worlds and fantastical creatures, very few filmmakers do it better than Guillermo del Toro. But, after watching the latest James Cameron movie, del Toro insisted he would rather die than try and make Avatar 2.

Cameron and del Toro are very good friends, and it’s safe to say the latter was not making a shady comment about the quality of his Cameron’s latest venture to the fantasy movie world of Pandora. No, he simply means that Cameron’s work is so astounding and technically complex, that del Toro would hate to take on such a big task.

Speaking to AP Entertainment, del Toro explained how he felt when he watched Avatar 2 in advance of its big premiere.

“I saw it way in advance and it’s an astounding movie and what happened to me while watching it is, I realised how long it had been since I saw a proper movie; like a proper, giant, powerful movie. One that entertains, moves me, and shows me vistas that I couldn’t even dream of,” del Toro said.

“It’s technically and artistically so complicated and complex and beautiful. If you told me I had to shoot one of the final sequences in the movie or lose my life, I would start to arrange for a coffin, because it’s flabbergasting,” he added.

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It’s okay Guillermo, no one is going to force you to try and recreate what Cameron has done, please don’t buy a coffin. At the moment, del Toro has his own brilliant creation doing the rounds with the stop-motion animated movie Pinocchio, which is on the streaming service Netflix now.

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