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James Gunn calls Superman “biggest priority” in DCEU

James Gunn, the new CEO of DC Studios, has set out his agenda for the future of the DCEU, and it looks like Superman plays a big part

Henry Cavill in Batman V Superman

The hierarchy of power at DC Studios is changing. James Gunn, who is known for heading the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy of Marvel movies in the MCU, recently dove into the world of DC with action movie The Suicide Squad and TV series Peacemaker. Now, with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 set to wrap up his work on Marvel superhero movies, the acclaimed director was snatched up by Warner Bros to head their newly-restructured DC Studios.

It’s no secret that DC movies have received somewhat of a lukewarm reception in recent years, and in a frank conversation on Twitter, Gunn made it clear that whatever happens to the DCEU going forward, Superman will be a big part of it.

After tweeting in celebration of the 44th anniversary of the first Superman movie, one fan wrote, “Please tell us if we are gonna see a Superman? We’ve been starved of the greatest comic book character on the big screen for ages!”

Responding to the query, Gunn wrote, “Yes of course. Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.” What remains to be seen, however, is which Superman we will end up seeing in the newly-revamped DCEU. Although Henry Cavill’s iteration of the hero made a triumphant return in the Black Adam post-credit scene, Gunn neither confirmed nor denied that Cavill was the Superman he was referring to.

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We know that The Flash movie is set to include several iterations of the hero from previous movies, including archive footage of Christopher Reeve. Whether that leaves any room of a future for Cavill’s Superman remains to be seen, although Gunn’s comments have renewed hopes for a potential Man of Steel 2.