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The Flash movie’s two major cameos have just been axed

Following James Gunn's brutal shake-up of the DCEU, The Flash's two biggest cameos are set to be cut from the superhero movie entirely

Ezra Miller as The Flash

The upcoming DC movie The Flash was set to have two major cameos, but following James Gunn’s shake-up it appears that they’ve been axed. The Flash is the next instalment in the DC movie universe, which is currently in an unprecedented state of instability.

That instability has been a part of the DCEU for a significant amount of time now, even before Gunn’s arrival. The plans for the movies have seemed scattershot, with various different universes and continuities taking place simultaneously, seemingly in an attempt to find a formula that sticks.

Some of the movies outside of the main shared universe, like Joker and The Batman, have been successful. Meanwhile, the plan for the main universe has been completely unclear and movies like Black Adam have added to a general sense of chaos.

In response, James Gunn has taken over the creative side of the DC universe, and has set a new direction which seems to be moving away from the core Justice League team members. The consequence of this has been that Henry Cavill has been jettisoned as Superman (again), Wonder Woman 3 appears to be cancelled, and Jason Momoa looks set to play a new character entirely.

However, Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman were expected to both have cameos roles in The Flash, which releases on June 16 2023. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has said that those cameos are no longer happening.  Given that their time in the DC seems to be over, THR reports that the decision has been taken to remove them from The Flash entirely and delete their scenes.

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The decision isn’t a surprise, but it does make it completely clear that Gunn is committed to forging ahead with his new direction for the movies even though it means sacrificing cameos and big names. More details about his plans should emerge in the coming weeks and months, and we should soon find out what the future holds for The Flash after the release of the movie in 2023.

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