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Harry Styles almost had a “completely different” scene in Eternals

We were all surprised to see Harry Styles show up in the post-credit scene of Marvel movie Eternals, but that appearance was almost very different

Harry Styles as Eros in Marvel's Eternals

Popstar-turned-actor Harry Styles is officially part of the Marvel movie universe, after a post-credit scene in the superhero movie Eternals. That little appearance could have been very different though, according to Kumail Nanjiani.

Styles popped up at the very end of the MCU movie, taking on the role of the MCU character Eros. If you don’t know who Eros is, he’s the brother of the mad Titan and Marvel villain Thanos. And yes, we know they don’t look alike at all, but suspend your disbelief for a moment.

In a recent episode of Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Nanjiani revealed an alternate version of Styles’ little cameo that would have involved his character, Kingo.

“We actually shot a different scene with Harry Styles because the ending now, my character is not in that scene. But we shot a version where I was with him. And it was a very, it was a different sort of post-credit sequence,” Nanjiani teased.

“We didn’t really talk. We just sort of like made eyes at each other from afar. No, it was sort of, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say… You’re gonna get me in trouble. No, it was a completely different, completely different,” the actor added.

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That’s all Nanjiani had to offer, for fear of spoiling too much. But we will always be curious about what else Eros could have done there. Maybe we will see more of him if and when Eternals 2 comes around?

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