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Harrison Ford refused to slow down horse-riding in Yellowstone 1923

Harrison Ford may now be in his 80s, but he's showing no signs of slowing down - with roles in Indiana Jones 5 and his first ever TV series.

Harrison Ford 1923

Harrison Ford has made the surprising move into television, now that he’s in his 80s in the Yellowstone spin-off 1923. For younger actors arriving on set with a living Hollywood legend, it’s gotta be intimidating, but Brian Geraghty has said in a recent interview with Looper that you quickly get used to it.

Geraghty plays ranch foreman Zane, who is fiercely loyal to the Dutton family (which in 1923, is headed by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren) and its continually rising empire. Speaking of working with Ford, Geraghty says; “It’s been great. Initially, it’s intimidating and a little scary when you see him. Then, it becomes two actors trying to figure out their parts together and support each other.”

“I think Harrison is aware of who he is, and not in a way where he tries to make you feel uncomfortable, which is great. He’s very funny and dry, and he likes to have a good time at work. It’s been really great. I look forward to working with him more.”

Geraghty has a funny story about working with Ford on-set; “We were riding horses, and they said, ‘Harrison, you’re going too fast. Can you slow down?’ And he says, ‘Sure, I’ll slow down.’ I said, ‘Just walk your horse.’ They yelled, ‘action.’ He kicks his horse, [saying] ‘Yah!’ Then we’re taking off. That’s one instance where the guy’s 80 years old, and he’s on a horse running down Main Street in Bozeman, Montana, in 1923, and I can’t even keep up with him. It’s crazy.”

In terms of movies, Ford will next be seen in Indiana Jones 5, which is also going to be stunt-heavy. By the sounds of things from the set of 1923, maybe Ford still did some of his stunts? We’ll have to wait until June to find out.

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