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Avatar 2 star says the franchise will get better with each movie

James Cameron's planning an ambitious quintology of Avatar movies and they're only going to get better according to the Avatar 2 cast

Avatar 2 star says movies will only get better

James Cameron’s planning an ambitious quintology of Avatar movies, of which only the first two have been released so far. While we know relatively little about the Avatar sequels at the moment (although there are rumours about what is Avatar 3 called), we have been promised one thing. Apparently, these science fiction movies are just going to keep getting better.

Or at least that’s what Avatar 2 cast member Jack Champion, who plays the human character of Spider, told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent interview.

“I was very shocked by [Avatar 3]. It just takes a hard left turn, and that’s not a bad thing,” Champion explained. “You think you know where it’s going, but then a wrecking ball comes. So you’re completely like, ‘Oh wow, I never thought that would’ve happened.’ You also see more regions of Pandora, and you get introduced to more cultures. So I think it’s even better than Avatar 2. Collectively, they’ll each get better.”

During the same interview, he admitted that he only knows the broad strokes of Spider’s story and not what happens to him beyond Avatar 4. “I still don’t know anything about movie five,” he explained. “So I’m still kind of in the dark about his full story.”

That said, Champion did elaborate a little on where he thinks Spider may go in future action movies, and his split loyalties to the Sullys and the resurrected Quaritch.

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“Quaritch also accepts him,” He said. “So, does he really want the Sully family, or does he want his actual father? So there’s some cool inner turmoil that I don’t even know the answer to yet, and it’s up for debate.”

If you Avatar 2 is in theatres now. If you love Pandora and the Na’vi, then check out our article explaining what happened to Jake Sully’s human body, and we’ve written everything you need to know about the Avatar 3 release date.