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David Tennant explains why he trolled his son over House of the Dragon

David Tennant's wife Georgia recently tweeted a viral photo of David trolling their son, who appeared in House of the Dragon, at London Comic Con.

Ty Tennant in House of the Dragon

David Tennant recently went viral for continuing a family tradition with his son Ty Tennant, who recently starred in House of the Dragon. Tennant appeared at London Comic Con to meet-and-greet with fans, sign photos and so on. Tennant’s wife Georgia posted a photo of Ty at the convention, with David standing behind him, holding up a sign saying; “He’s not that special.”

Georgia Tennant’s father is Peter Davison, who was the fifth Doctor Who – from 1982-1984. When David Tennant was the tenth Doctor Who, between 2005-2010, he attended a Comic Con in Wales, and Davison stood behind him with the same sign.

Georgia’s tweet with the photo of David and Ty got 192,000 likes and he was recently asked about it while appearing on BBC News. Tennant was asked if he expected the moment to get so much attention and he responded; “Well I don’t do all the social media stuff, so I have no idea, really, what happens to these things. Georgia tells me things I’m supposed to do.”

Tennant continued; “Her Dad did that to me, because my father-in-law, the lovely Peter, is also part of the Doctor Who family. He held a sign up at another Comic Con, so then I had to do it to Ty, just moving it down the line you see. It’s all inter-connected.”

Ty Tennant played Prince Aegon Targaryen towards the end of House of the Dragon, once Alicent and Rhaenyra had grown up and had children. Ty has previously appeared in sci-fi series War of the Worlds, alongside Gabriel Byrne and Daisy Edgar-Jones. He has also appeared with his parents in Staged, an improvisational comedy with Michael Sheen.

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