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How old is Luffy in One Piece?

One Piece: how old is Luffy? Luffy is the lead character in One Piece, and is the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates. What else do we know about him?

One Piece: How old is Luffy? Luffy in One Piece anime

How old is Luffy? Luffy is the main character in the outrageously popular anime series One Piece. He leads the Straw Hat Pirates, and is one of the group’s most talented and skilled fighters, period.

One Piece follow’s Luffy’s journey to become the Pirate King, as he searches for the hidden treasure left by the (now-dead?) Gol D. Roger. His adventures have seen him come into conflict with colourful figures such as the One Piece characters, The Big Mom Pirates.

He’s done a lot with the time that’s been given to him. To be honest, it puts the majority of us to shame, and Luffy isn’t one to rest on his laurels. But how old is Luffy?

How old is Luffy?

Throughout One Piece, Luffy is in his late teens. Before the time-skip, Luffy is 17, and after the time-skip, the anime character is 19. So, he’s the leader of his pirate crew at a very young age, and despite that, he’s a formidable warrior and opponent to his rivals.

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Luffy’s birthday is on May 5th, so anyone who wants to mark the special occasion with a celebration in real-life has plenty of opportunity to do so. A pirate-themed party would seem appropriate, perhaps with a Gomu Gomu no Mi flavoured cake.

One Piece is getting a new movie adaption, One Piece Film: Red, which will be releasing in cinemas on November 4. That means fans of the animated series can get more from Luffy imminently. For more animated fun, check out our guide to the best animated movies.