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Sorry White Lotus fans, Theo James used a prosthetic for nude scene

We never like to disappoint our readers, but some of you may be sad to hear that Theo James used a prosthetic penis for a sex scene

Theo James in The White Lotus

As far as drama series go, The White Lotus is fast becoming one of the most popular shows in the world right now. With The White Lotus season 2, we’ve seen new cast members join the party, and Theo James in particular has got some fans very excited.

A recent episode of the TV series saw James engage in a pretty intense sex scene which required the actor to go fully nude. Being asked to bare all as an actor can be pretty daunting, but for James, he had a trick up his sleeve to help him out.

Appearing on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, James explained how what you see on screen isn’t actually him at all – well, one specific part wasn’t him, anyway.

“You go into these scenes and you have a conversation with the director and the producers. I said, ‘Honestly, I just want it not to be distracting, he needs to be regular Joe. The scene is not about the pee-pee, it’s about power play in sex,'” James said.

With this in mind, James opted to use a prosthetic penis for the scene in the first episode of the new season. Unfortunately, due to the size of the prosthetic (nine inches long and four inches wide, in case you were wondering), it ended up being extremely distracting for fans of the comedy series.

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“It’s like she stole it off a donkey. The thing is ginormous,” added James, who also described his stand-in penis as being like a hammer. So there you have it, the magic of television uncovered for you folks.

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