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The Witcher Blood Origin, who is Fjall?

Who is Fjall in The Witcher Blood Origin? The new prequel series to The Witcher has landed on Netflix, and it's packed full of new characters

The Witcher Blood Origin - Laurence O'Fuarain as Fjall

Who is Fjall in The Witcher Blood Origin? This article contains spoilers for The Witcher Blood Origin. The new prequel to The Witcher fantasy series is now out on Netflix, giving fans one heck of a Christmas treat.

The Netflix series follows a group of seven warriors on a quest for vengeance on the continent, over a thousand years before Geralt’s adventures with his companions. It explores how the time of elves began to crumble, and how monsters were first introduced into the world. With its explanation of the conjunction of the spheres, The Witcher Blood Origin will also feed directly into The Witcher season 3.

However, the story is really brought to life by its many characters. One of those characters is Fjall, played by Laurence O’Fuarain. He makes an immediate impression, and is vital to the story. But who is Fjall in The Witcher Blood Origin, and what do we really know about him?

Who is Fjall in The Witcher Blood Origin?

Fjall is a mighty elven warrior, and a member of dog clan who serves as a protector to the royal household in Xin’trea. He was raised as a warrior first and foremost, and taught to be obedient and follow orders, however he has an illicit romance with the princess Merwyn, and when this is discovered he is stripped of his duties and banished from the kingdom into exile.

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On his travels in exile, Fjall meets Eile who is a musician and warrior from a rival clan called raven clan. They have a frosty reception at first, with neither trusting the other. Eventually, they join forces to return to Xin’trea to discover what is happening back at the city where Merwyn has become the new emperor.

Along the way, Fjall meets other warriors who he joins forces with and as the story progresses, Fjall becomes increasingly romantically involved with Eile. The pair develop deep feelings for each other, and when Eile decides to take a dangerous potion to enhance her physiology, Fjall secretly takes it instead inadvertently becoming the first Witcher.

The Witcher Blood Origin - Fjall

However, while Fjall does survive taking the potion he eventually dies in battle at Xin’trea – but not before killing plenty of baddies along the way. But, it is revealed that Fjall’s story will continue because Eile becomes pregnant with his child.

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