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Where can I watch Meghan and Harry?

The new Netflix series Meghan and Harry promises to tell the couple's story from their own perspectives, but where can you watch Meghan and Harry?

Where can I watch Meghan and Harry? Prince Harry in Netflix docuseries

The Crown season 5 might be over, but with Meghan and Harry now out the royal drama has only just begun. The new docuseries tells the story of former drama series actor Meghan Markle and her marriage to Prince Harry, in their own words.

The couple explain how they met, the scrutiny they faced from the British and US media, the reaction of the British royal family, and the subsequent toll on their personal lives and relationships. The series will re-ignite the (often controversial) conversation surrounding the status of the couple, who now reside in the US after distancing themselves from the UK and the royal family.

So, for anyone interested in the life of the couple and their experiences, Meghan and Harry is essential viewing. But where can you watch Meghan and Harry?

Where to watch Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry is available on the streaming service Netflix. The TV series is six episodes long, split into two volumes of three episodes each. The first volume is available to watch in full now, and volume 2, with the final three episodes, will drop on Netflix on December 15.

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So, for anyone who is eager to see the end of their story told in their own words, there’s not too long to wait. For more royal-rumbles, take a look at our guide to The Crown season 6 release date, or discover whether or not Queen Elizabeth II watched The Crown.