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Everyone who dies in Avatar 2

James Cameron's never been afraid to kill characters while making his movies and The Way of Water is no exception so here's everyone dies in Avatar 2

Who dies in Avatar 2? Warning spoilers ahead for The Way of Water. James Cameron, the action movie maestro behind great films like the Terminator movies, the best Alien film, and Titanic, has finally released his first of many Avatar sequels.

Titled The Way of Water, Avatar 2 is a real treat (check out our full Avatar 2 review here), and it’s been worth the 13-year wait between the first science fiction movie and this new chapter. Of course, Cameron’s never been afraid to kill his darlings before, and none of the Avatar 2 cast is safe. So here’s the question, ‘who dies in Avatar 2?’

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Numerous Tulkun hunters and RDA soldiers

Listen, it’s a James Cameron movie, the body count’s pretty high, and numerous anonymous humans get bumped off throughout the movie. The two big set pieces are an attack early in the film on an RDA supply train that must have killed at least a few random grunts.

The second set piece comes when the Tulkun hunters try and attack Payakan and find themselves assaulted by the Metkayina. In one of the best action scenes in the film, the Tulkun hunters get massacred by the Na’vi and Payakan.

Everyone who dies in Avatar 2

Several members of the Metkayina

Unfortuantely during the assault on the Tulkun hunter, several unnamed members of the Metkayina tribe are seen getting shot and presumably dying in the water.

Everyone who dies in Avatar 2

Quaritch’s avatar squad

By the movie’s end, all of Quaritch’s squad of recom Avatars are dead. According to the Avatar wiki, the squad was comprised of Lyle Wainfleet, Alexander, Zhang, Prager, Walker, Mansk, Sean Fike, Zdinarsk, Brown and Lopez. The only survivor is Quaritch himself, who would have drowned had he not been saved by his son Spider.

Everyone who dies in Avatar 2

A female Tulkun and her calf

One of the saddest deaths in the movie comes when Quaritch realises he’s never going to track down the Sullys by interrogating the various Metkayina tribes and instead decide to lure them out.

To do so, he approaches the Tulkun hunters and has them deliberately hunt creatures close to the Metkayina tribe. In one of the more harrowing moments in Avatar 2, we see a Tulkun that’s bonded to Ronal brutally slaughtered by the hunters. Adding to the heartbreak is the fact her calf later dies as well.

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Scoresby is the leader of the Tulkun hunters and a real scumbag. The delight he takes in killing the beautiful Tulkun is genuinely horrifying, and his death is one of the most cathartic in the film. Scoresby is killed by the Tulkun Payakan, who allows himself to be caught in the hunter’s snares.

Once he’s snared, Payakan drags Scoresby’s boat through the water, deliberately tangling the crew in the heavy steel cables. As this happens, Scoresby gets his arm trapped against the boat’s hull, and when Payakanthrows dashes the ship against the rocks, it slices off the cruel whaler’s arm and sends him hurtling into the sea, where he presumably dies.

Everyone who dies in Avatar 2


The Sully’s oldest son Neteyam is the only casualty among our heroes, although it looks briefly like Jake and Neytiri may bite it as well. Neyetam is shot and wounded when rescuing his siblings from Quaritch. While he successfully saves them, he later dies of his wounds surrounded by his family.

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Avatar 2 The Way of Water is in cinemas from December 16.