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Is Avatar 2 in 3D only? What formats can I watch Way of Water in?

Avatar 2 is finally here but what's the best format to watch the new James Cameron movie, is it IMAX, 3D, or a standard cinema screen

Is Avatar 2 in 3D only? What formats can I watch Way of Water in?

Can you only watch Avatar 2 in 3D? It’s an exciting time to be a film fan. James Cameron, the undisputed master of the action movie genre, has finally released his new film, Avatar 2. The last time Cameron had a film in cinemas, it literally broke the box office and did eye-watering business.

A lot of the science fiction movie’s success came down to the fact you basically had to watch it in 3D if you truly wanted to experience the majesty of Pandora and the Na’vi. And as 3D tickets are more expensive, well, you can do the math.  Still, never one to miss a trick Cameron released Avatar 2 The Way of Water in 3D.

Now, this has caused some consternation. 3D is a controversial format for film fans, with some cinema-goers claiming it gives them headaches or makes them feel ill. This has got people worried that they won’t be able to enjoy the new James Cameron movie, but are they right? Is Avatar in 3D only?

Is Avatar 2 in 3D only?

No, Avatar 2 is not a 3D exclusive and can be enjoyed in multiple formats. It’s worth mentioning, however, that Cameron intended the film to be watched in 3D.

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What formats can I watch Avatar 2 in?

You can watch Avatar in IMAX 3D, standard IMAX, standard 3D, and on a standard screen. Were we to make a recommendation, we’d choose to watch Avatar 2 on the biggest screen possible in the format Cameron intended, so that means we’re recommending the IMAX 3D experience. If you are waiting for a home streaming release on services like Netflix or Disney Plus, then see our guide on where to watch Avatar 2.

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