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The Boys rip into Donald Trump in spectacular fashion

The Boys hasn't been shy with their political allegories over the past three seasons, and they couldn't resist ripping on Trump's recent announcement

The Boys' Homelander

From Homelander’s descent into the far-right to their parody of that hellish ‘Imagine’ video, The Boys has never been afraid of both riffing on and taking inspiration from current affairs. In a roundtable interview with Eric Kripke, where The Digital Fix was present, the showrunner for the comedy series made his feelings for former US President Donald Trump clear.

Discussing how season 3 of The Boys was “a meditation on toxic masculinity,” he recalled, “I was always struck by that moment after Trump got Covid-19, his first move was to take off a mask, like on the balcony of the White House. What a piece of shit. Why is it more important to you to present vitality over compassion? Like, what is wrong with you that that’s a thing that you need to do?”

With The Boys season 4 currently in the works, Kripke still found the time to poke fun at Trump for releasing his own ‘digital card’ collection. Sharing a screenshot of the announcement alongside a picture of Homelander, he tweeted, “This is a funnier pay off than I could write [by the way]. And he’s [Trump] got the flag cape!”

Shortly after, the Vought International Twitter account tweeted a suspiciously-familiar ‘announcement’ for Homelander Digital Collectible Cards.

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“Huge announcement: Official Homelander digital collectible cards have arrived,” the announcement read. “Celebrate our greatest hero’s life and crimefighting career by owning an authentic and non-fungible JPEG of him. Buy now for 777 VoughtCoin while you still can!”

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