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The Witcher Blood Origin, who is Scian?

Who is Scian in The Witcher Blood Origin? The new Witcher prequel series follows the adventures of seven warriors on a violent quest

The Witcher Blood Origin: Michelle Yeoh as Scian

Who is Scian in The Witcher Blood Origin? This article contains spoilers for The Witcher Blood Origin. The Witcher Blood Origin is the new prequel to the beloved Netflix series The Witcher.

The show is set over a thousand years before the adventures of Geralt and his friends (if you can call them friends), in a time where the continent is ruled by elf-kind and the city of Cintra is still known as Xin-trea. It follows a group of seven warriors – each with different backgrounds, talents, and motivations – on a quest for revenge and redemption.

One of those warriors is the fearsome Scian, played by the legendary Michelle Yeoh. But who is Scian in The Witcher Blood Origin, and what do we know about her character in the new fantasy series?

Who is Scian in The Witcher Blood Origin?

Scian is a talented swords master, mentor to Eile, and member of ghost tribe. The ghost tribe are exceptionally skilled and loyal warriors who fight for honour, and Scian is no different. During the 1000 year war between the elves, the king of Xin’trea attempted to coerce the ghost tribe into fighting on his side with the promise of wealth and treasure.

However, the ghost tribe declined because they only fight for the sake of honour. They were then poisoned by the king of Xin’trea, and Scian was left the only survivor. She was saved by the raven clan, whose queen enlisted her to mentor her daughter Elie. Scian then teaches Eile skills with swords and weaponry, and the love of arts and music too.

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When Eile and Fjall join forces together and begin their quest for revenge, Eile seeks out Scian knowing that she would be a useful asset, and knowing that she also has motivation for revenge. Scian eventually joins along with the quest (after some aggressive intimidation), playing a pivotal role in the outcome and protecting the group along the way with her smarts and her skills.

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