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Why Harrison Ford agreed to join Yellowstone 1923

Harrison Ford, who plays Jacob Dutton in Yellowstone spin-off dramA series 1923, revealed what attracted him to the Western-inspired role

Harrison Ford in Yellowstone 1923

The TV series Yellowstone, which is inspired by classic Western movies, has proven such a hit that it has spawned a number of spin-offs, including 1883 and 1923. When it comes to Yellowstone, it seems like Hollywood stars can’t resist its allure: with former Star Wars cast member Harrison Ford being the latest big name to join the Yellowverse.

Ford plays a central role in 1923 as Jacob Dutton, the new head of the Yellowstone Ranch. From the Great Depression to pandemics and droughts, Dutton will have to guide his family and the ranch through some perilous times, and it turns out that the Indiana Jones movie star had so much faith in the story, he didn’t even need to see the script.

Ford, who was at a press roundtable with outlets like Looper, explained, “I based my decision on personal meetings with Taylor [Sheridan, showrunner]. There was no script at the time we agreed … When Taylor and I met — which probably preceded the script by at least three or four weeks — he talked me through what his ideas were, and I was impressed by his articulation of his ambition, and his sincerity.”

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But the story wasn’t the only draw for Ford. “One of the real draws for me was the opportunity to work with Helen again, who plays my wife,” he explained. “Helen was the first one aboard.”

He continued, “When I got the script, I was very gratified.I think it’s very interesting. It’s ambitious, and it’s a character very different to any that I’ve played so far, and that interests me. I’m always interested in working with new things, and it doesn’t seem to me that there’s a terrible amount of difference between movies and an ambitious television project anymore.”

Yellowstone 1923 premieres on Paramount Plus December 18. If you want to see more Ford, check out our guide to Indiana Jones 5.