Carnival Row season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more

Here's everything we know about the Carnival Row season 2 release date, plot, trailer, cast, and more regarding the future of the Burgue

Carnival Row season 2 release date: Vignette Stonemoss

What is the Carnival Row season 2 release date? When Carnival Row landed on the streaming service Prime Video subscribers didn’t know what to expect. The TV series introduces an imaginative, brutal world where both humans and mythical creatures live in a chaotic city called The Burgue. Oh, and Orlando Bloom plays a detective called Philo who hunts down a grisly serial killer, so that’s fun. Audiences clearly lapped up the fantasy-noir show since Amazon greenlit Season 2 shortly after its release.

There are several different mythical races living in the Burgue, like the faeries/Fae and the half-man/half-goat Fauns, and there are even witches, goblins, and wolf-men thrown in for good measure. So it’s safe to say that the Burgue is a pretty tumultuous place to live. It doesn’t help that different political parties are vying for power amongst the chaos.

Carnival Row Season 1 ends with a surprising reveal about who Philo really is, as well as some dire ramifications for anyone who’s remotely different in the Burgue, as a brutal apartheid is put in place. Clearly, things are going to be drastically different the next time we meet Philo and the rest of Burgue’s inhabitants, so here’s everything we know about the Carnival Row season 2 release date.

Carnival Row Season 2 release date speculation

The most pressing question fans probably have right now is when is Carnival Row Season 2 out on Amazon Prime? Well, unfortunately, the streaming service hasn’t confirmed when the show’s sophomore season will be released.

However, production wrapped on the second season back in September 2021, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready just yet. Unsurprisingly, work on Carnival Row was disrupted back in 2020, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. It’s hugely disappointing because Season 2 would’ve been out in the world by now if it wasn’t for the delay.

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But anyway, fans will have to be patient. Sure, filming wrapped months ago, but there’s still plenty to be done in post-production because it’s such an effects-heavy series (no, Cara Delevigne doesn’t really have wings). If we had to make an educated guess, it’ll probably arrive in Summer 2022, just under a year after filming wrapped.

It’s also not clear if Amazon will release the whole season in one go, or if it’ll stick to the weekly schedule that worked incredibly well for other shows like The Boys and Invincible. It seems likely that the streaming service will opt for the traditional release model since it keeps the momentum and discussion going for much longer than the typical ‘binge’ approach.

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Carnival Row Season 2 trailer speculation

We’re sorry to say there isn’t a trailer for Carnival Row Season 2 just yet. This is likely down to the fact Amazon is still deep in post-production on the fantasy series. However, we should expect to see a teaser trailer for the next batch of episodes within the coming months.

Thankfully the Carnival Row Twitter account revealed a few behind-the-scenes shots of the cast and crew hard at work to keep fans going a bit longer.

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The new photos show off a bloody-faced Orlando Bloom, suggesting that everyone’s favourite moody detective Philo will get into a scrap at some point in the show. There’s also a shot of an intense conversation between the wealthy socialite Faun, Agreus (David Gyasi), and Imogen Spurnrose (Tamzin Merchant).

The lovers decided to leave the Burgue at the end of Season 1, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they’ve made a home in a new land or whether they were forced back to the troubled city by the authorities. Cara Delevigne’s Vignette Stonemoss also makes an appearance, but they don’t tell us anything about what to expect from her in the next chapter of the story.

Carnival Row season 2 release date: P

Carnival Row Season 2 plot speculation

Sorry, Amazon hasn’t released the official synopsis for Carnival Row Season 2 yet, so it’s not clear what the overall mystery or driving force will be. But, it seems likely that the second season will examine how segregation affects the Burgue and all of its inhabitants.

The first season revolves around Philo investigating a string of grisly murders before discovering it was the Darkasher, a horrifying being created out of dead bodies.

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It was controlled by Piety Breakspear (Indira Varma), who was trying to find out who her husband’s illegitimate child was – but the monster died when Vignette killed Piety. 

The ending of the season sees the Burgue descend into chaos when the authorities segregate the Fae and the rest of the magical creatures from “normal” people.

But because Philo reveals himself as half-Fae, he chooses to stay with Vignette in solidarity. Who says romance is dead, eh?

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It seems likely the Fae will try and fight back against Chancellor Jonah Breakspear’s (Artemas Froushan) racist laws. It’s a frightening concept, and it’ll be interesting to see how the new showrunner, Erik Oleson, looks at it through Carnival Row’s neo-noir fantasy lens.

Tamzin Merchant teased a little of what to expect from Agreus and Imogen’s storyline in the new season, telling EW, “Imogen and Agreus [David Gyasi] get on the ship at the end of season 1, and everything is grand for the first five minutes of season 2 — and then things go very badly wrong for them.” Oh, dear.

Carnival Row season 2 release date: P

Carnival Row Season 2 cast speculation

So who’s coming back to the Burgue in Carnival Row Season 2? Well, Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne will both reprise their respective roles as Philo and Vignette Stonemoss as they find themselves oppressed by the Burgue’s rulers.

Of course, Tamzin Merchant and David Gyasi will also return as star-crossed lovers Imogen Spurnrose and Agreus. However, their relationship will probably come under fire thanks to the newly created apartheid. Speaking of the Spurnrose family, Andrew Gower is returning to play Imogen’s brother, Ezra.

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Vignette’s former-lover Tourmaline Larou is also part of Season 2, with Karla Crome returning to play the courtesan again. Artemas Froushan is also set to return as acting Chancellor Jonah Breakspear – and his role will likely revolve around keeping the Burgue under an iron fist.

Jamie Harris’ Sergeant Dombey is getting more of the spotlight this time around, as the star has been upped to series regular, according to Deadline. He voices his racist ideals a lot in the first season, so he’s only going to be emboldened going into Season 2.

It’s likely there will be a handful of new characters that show up in Season 2, but Amazon hasn’t revealed who else is joining the cast just yet. Hopefully, Philo and Vignette find some new allies to help them free the magical community from their oppressors.

Where can I Watch Carnival Row season 2?

When it’s finally released, Carnival Row season 2 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t have Amazon Prime, why not subscribe today to gain access to Carnival Row season one, plus all these free Amazon Prime movies.