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Who does Edie Falco play in Avatar 2?

Edie Falco, who satrred on one of the best TV series ever made, The Sopranos, is in James Cameron's new movie Avatar 2, here's who she plays

Who does Edie Falco play in Avatar 2?

Who does Edie Falco play in Avatar 2? The first Avatar movie ended with Jake Sully and Neytiri outsings the invading humans from Pandora, sending them back to Earth without the unobtanium they’d hoped to steal from the moon.

Well, you can say what you want about humanity, but we’re anything but quitters, and in the new James Cameron movie, Avatar 2 The Way of Water, they return in full force. This time, though, things are different, Quaritch is dead, and this is no small-scale mining operation. It’s something bigger (learn more about why the humans are invading Pandora here).

But who’s leading humanity on Pandora? Well, it’s none other than Edie Falco, who you’ll know from one of the best TV series of all time, The Sopranos, but who does Edie Falco play in Avatar 2?

Who does Edie Falco play in Avatar 2?

Edie Falco plays General Ardmore, the person tasked with preparing Pandora ahead of humanity, claiming the moon for themselves. While the resurrected Quaritch is the film’s main antagonist, it’s Ardmore who’s really pulling the strings, and she’s the one responsible for his revival.

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While Ardmore only played a minor role in the action movie, we’re pretty certain she’ll be a major antagonist in Avatar 3 and the coming war between the Na’vi and humans.

Avatar 2 The Way of Water is in cinemas from December 16; you can read our Avatar 2 review here. If you need a refresher before seeing the film be sure to read our article ‘Everything you need to know before watching Avatar 2‘.

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