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How does Colonel Quaritch come back to life in Avatar 2?

Despite dying at the end of the first Avatar Quaritch returns in The Way of Water so how does James Cameron bring the cruel colonel come back to life?

How does Colonel Quaritch come back to life in Avatar 2?

How does Quaritch come back to life in Avatar 2? The first Avatar ended with Jake Sully and Neytiri defeating the invading humans and chasing them off Pandora. One casualty of their war was the deadly Colonel Quaritch who fought to the bitter end but was eventually put down by a well-placed arrow.

Well, it turns out you can’t keep a good soldier down, and Quaritch returns in the new James Cameron movie Avatar 2. He’s not quite the man he was, though, having seemingly swapped his human body for a new Na’vi avatar. So how does Quaritch come back to life in Avatar 2? 

How does Quaritch come back to life?

Quaritch is resurrected as an avatar using a backup set of memories he recorded before he died. As such, this new Quaritch does not remember the final battle of Avatar or how he died.

Technically speaking, this new Quaritch isn’t the same man who died. He’s a clone, and he appears to hold the previous human Quaritch in some contempt. During the science fiction movie, he finds Quaritch’s remains he crushes the skull rather than have it sent back to base, seemingly disgusted by his own weakness.

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