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Who is Rowdy on Yellowstone?

Yellowstone season 5 has dropped a new revelation about Rip Wheeler and the Duttons and it involves an old Yellowstone ranchhand called Rowdy

Who is Rowdy on Yellowstone?

Who is Rowdy on Yellowstone? Rip Wheeler has worked on Yellowstone Ranch since he was a teenager and has always been immensely loyal to John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family throughout his time there.

In Yellowstone, Rip Wheeler eventually became a Dutton after marrying John’s daughter Beth, but the TV series has revealed that their relationship wasn’t always a smooth one. As a teenager, Beth enjoyed teasing Rip by flirting with other ranchhands on the farm. In particular, she’d flirt with a man named Rowdy.

What Beth couldn’t have known, though, is that her flirting would spell tragedy not just for Rip but also Rowdy. So who is Rowdy, and what happened to him?

Who is Rowdy on Yellowstone?

Rowdy was a farmhand working for the Duttons on Yellowstone Ranch who shared a romantic rivalry with Rip Wheeler over Beth Dutton.

Who is Rowdy on Yellowstone?

How did Rowdy die on Yellowstone?

It was revealed in Yellowstone season 5 that Rip killed Rowdy after he insulted Beth, which provoked a brutal attack.

What started as a fistfight escalated when Rowdy drew a knife and tried to stab Rip. Rip grabbed a rock to protect himself and dashed it against Rowdy’s head. Fatally wounded, Rowdy told Rip to blame a horse for his injuries, but Rip refused and told John the truth.

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