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Can Helaena Targaryen see the future in House of the Dragon?

The Targaryen family possess a number of starnge powers that separate them from the other houses of Westeros but can Helaena Targaryen see the future?

Can Helaena Targaryen in House of the Dragon see the future?

Can Helaena Targaryen see the future? The Targaryen family aren’t like other houses in Westeros, and not just because they’re partial to a bit of incest. No, as they came from Old Valyria, they have several seemingly supernatural abilities that set them apart from the Starks, Lannisters, and Tullys.

The most obvious of these ‘powers’ is their bond with the dragons. No other house has ever tamed a dragon, and it seems to be impossible without Valyrian blood. However, that’s not all they can do. In the first episode of the fantasy series House of the Dragon, King Viserys Targaryen revealed Aegon used to see the future, and his visions became known as the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy.

Viserys always hoped he’d inherited this ability, but his dreams never came true. That said, one of his children may have been gifted the power of premonition, Helaena. So can Helaena Targaryen see the future?

Can Helaena Targaryen see the future?

As silly as it sounds, Helaena appears to have some ability to foresee the future. At several points in the TV series, she makes odd comments that seem to prophesise later events.

When Aemond tries to claim a dragon, she tells her mother, “he’ll have to close an eye” before he can become a dragon rider. That’s a pretty obvious reference to Lucerys cutting out Aemond’s eye after he takes Vhagar. Helaena also warns her family to “beware the beast beneath the boards” before Rhaenys and Meleys burst out of the ground in the Dragonpit.

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As we mentioned, Helaena isn’t the only member of the Targaryens to possess this ability (and she didn’t inherit the ability from Otto Hightower). Aegon the Conqueror had dreams about the Night’s King and Long Nigh. Still, he inherited this ability from Daenys the Dreamer, who first warned the Targaryens about the doom coming to Valyria.

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