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Avatar 2: what’s the difference between the Na’vi and the avatars?

For whatever reason people still don't know the difference between the Avatars and the Na'vi so we've decided to break down all the differences between them

Avatar 2: what's the difference between the Na'vi and the avatars?

What’s the difference between the Na’vi and the avatars? In 2009 James Cameron took us to Pandora and introduced us to the Na’vi. These huge cat-like aliens were the real stars of the science fiction movie Avatar and people fell in love with them and their wonderful world Pandora.

Yet despite the success of the James Cameron movie, one thing clearly confused people. They kept referring to the Na’vi as Avatars, which is technically incorrect and as we know, being technically incorrect is the worst. So to help those a little confused by what makes someone an avatar and a Na’vi, we’ve decided to help you out (and right before the Avatar 2 release date as well!). Here are all the differences between the Na’vi and the Avatars.

What’s the difference between the Na’vi and the avatars?

The Na’vi are the native people of Pandora, while the avatars are clones created by humanity and piloted via a neural link. While the Na’vi and the avatars look almost identical, there are a few differences between the two species.

As a result of their human DNA, avatars have five fingers and toes on their hands and feet, while the Na’vi only have four. The avatars tend to have a more pronounced nose, while the Na’vi have a flat cat-like snout.

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There are differences in physicality as well. The Na’vi are very willowy, whereas the avatars have a more stout physique. Finally, the Na’vi have much larger animal-like eyes than the avatars, who have smaller human-style eyes.

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