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Why are the humans invading Pandora in Avatar 2?

In the first Avatar movie humanity came to claim Pandora's unobtanium but in the end they were defeated so what's brought them back in the Way of Water

Why are humans invading in Avatar 2?

Why are the humans invading Pandora in Avatar 2? In the first Avatar movie, the humans came to Pandora to mine the valuable resource unobtanium. This miraculous metal was supposedly going to solve the energy crisis and save humanity from destruction.

Unfortunately for humanity, at the end of the James Cameron movie, they lost the war with the Na’vi and were sent back to Earth with their tails between their legs. In the newest instalment in Cameron’s trilogy of science fiction movies, though, humanity has returned to Pandora, and they mean business. So why are humans invading Pandora in Avatar 2? 

Why are the humans invading Pandora?

We learn early in Avatar 2 that the humans are invading Pandora because Earth is dying, and they’ve chosen the moon as their new homeworld. The new city built in Avatar 2 is intended to serve as a beachhead for a full-scale invasion of the moon by the rest of the species.

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