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Everyone who dies in The Witcher Blood Origin

The new Witcher prequel series introduces a lot of new characters, plenty of whom end up dead. Here's everyone who dies in The Witcher Blood Origin

The Witcher Blood Origin everyone who dies: Minnie Driver

Who dies in The Witcher Blood Origin? This article contains spoilers for The Witcher Blood Origin. The new prequel to the fantasy series The Witcher has dropped on Netflix, and it’s a holiday treat for fans of the continent.

The show is set over a thousand years before the adventures of Geralt that we see in the main Netflix series, and it explores the fall of the elven kingdoms. The TV series also shows how the first Witcher came to be, and how monsters arrived too. So, it’s packed full of new characters as well as plenty of action.

With all that action comes a lot of blood, and with a lot of blood comes death. Yes, that’s right. A lot of people die in The Witcher Blood Origin. In fact, there are so many deaths that it can be hard to keep track of them all (merry Christmas!). But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out with our guide to everyone who dies in The Witcher Blood Origin. 

A lot of Xin’trean soldiers

Let’s start with the biggest number of all: the Xin’traen soldiers. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately if you’re an ordinary citizen) a lot of Xin’trean soldiers get caught up and killed in all the bloodshed.

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There’s too main examples of this. Firstly, when Scian draws them out from the capital and into the trap. At first it looks like Scian has betrayed her fellow warriors, before it’s revealed that she had been tricking the Xin’trean soldiers all along. This results in a bloodbath, and one of the best action set pieces in the series.

Then, there’s the actual assault on Xin’trea itself. Again, a lot of soldiers get cannon-foddered here, as the heroes hack and slash their way through them, and as the civilians rise up to help too. Along the way, plenty of high ranking Xin’trean commanders meet their end too.

The Witcher Blood Origin: Xin'trean royal

Xin’trean royals

The Xin’trean royal family isn’t a particularly nice one, and thanks to Balor and Merwyn they’re not particularly alive either. While Merwyn is waiting for her arranged managed, she conspires with Balor to have her family killed (including her brother who’s the king) so she can become the emperor and rule her own destiny.

Balor obliges, and summons a terrifying beast which wipes out the royal family, and plenty of other elves, without any problems. All in a day’s work, if you’re an evil druid.

The Witcher Blood Origin Merwyn explained: Mirren Mack as Merwyn


Speaking of Merwyn, like most overly ambitious dictators she meets her death sooner than she expected. She is killed by Eile, after Eile and the rest of the warriors successfully entered Xin’trea and the castle. Perhaps she should have stuck to enjoying her books after all.

The Witcher Blood Origin: Huw Novelli as Brother Death

Brother Death

Brother Death is one of the seven warriors who gets killed in the finale battle and – in something a twist he’s actually killed by Fjall! But, to be fair to Fjall, he has just come the first Witcher and is still struggling to get to grips with his own powers. He is barely in control of his own body or mind at that point, and it all goes to show that you should never get on the wrong side of a Witcher.

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Despite becoming the first Witcher, Fjall is another member of the seven warriors to meet his end during the final battle at Xin’trea. He is killed in the concluding confrontation, but, not before he kills everyone (and everything) he’s supposed to kill first. That’s a pretty decent way to go, and he lives on in Eile’s child too.

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