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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo’s new form explained

Piccolo gets a new form in anime movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and we go through exactly how he transformed, and how powerful he is

Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Z fans love a good transformation. Ever since a young Goku looked up at a full moon and turned into a powerful ape, changing form has been a staple of the anime series, but not every Dragon Ball Z character‘s been blessed with one. Piccolo, for example, has never had a real transformation.

Oh sure, he’s had a few power-ups here and there. On Namek, he fused with the warrior Nail and became a lot stronger as a result, but his new powers were soon overshadowed by Goku going Super Siyan. Then he and Kami became one again, which made him about as strong as the Androids, but those darn Saiyans just kept unlocking new, more powerful forms.

By the time of the Buu Saga and even Dragon Ball Super, poor Piccolo was about as helpful as the human characters at battling new foes. It seemed for the longest time that the Namekian was doomed to wallow in obscurity, but he’s the star of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and it’s finally Piccolo’s time to shine. Here’s Piccolo’s new form explained.

Piccolo’s new form explained

Piccolo gets his new form thanks to the Dragon Balls and Shenron. After realising he was no match against the Gammas, he used the Dragon Balls to unlock his hidden potential, which vastly increased his battle power. Shenron also claims that he threw in a “bonus”, although Piccolo doesn’t know what he means at first.

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During his battle with Gamma 2, Piccolo realises he still doesn’t have what it takes to beat the android and remembers Shenron’s words about a bonus. Tapping into this power, Piccolo transforms, turning into a stockier orange-skinned Namekian.

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How strong is Piccolo now?

Supposedly, Piccolo’s new form puts him on a similar level to Goku’s current power. That’s a lot considering Goku has beaten near enough everyone in the universe.

Orange Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

What’s Piccolo’s new form called?

Piccolo’s new form is called Orange Piccolo. Yeah, we know, it’s not the most creative name; Piccolo makes the same joke in the movie. There have been a lot of forms, they can’t all have clever names!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is in cinemas now.