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Bullet Train is now streaming on Netflix

The new Brad Pitt movie Bullet Train is now streaming on Netflix in the United States several months after its summer release date.

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

The new Brad Pitt movie, Bullet Train, is now available to watch on streaming service Netflix. Bullet Train is an adrenaline pumping action thriller movie from director David Leitch, starring Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon, and Zazie Beetz alongside Pitt.

Bullet Train follows the story of Brad Pitt’s assassin character, Ladybug, as he is forced to fight other assassins while on a bullet train in Japan. The movie is packed full of comedy, action set pieces, and speeds through its 126 minute runtime.

If you missed the action movie in theatres, or just fancy a re-watch then you’re in luck. Bullet Train has now pulled up into its next station: Netflix US. Anyone with a US-based Netflix account can now watch the movie, which will be sure to rocket up the trending charts.

The comedy movie has arrived just in time for the weekend, and if you needed anymore convincing just check out the hair raising trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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