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House of the Dragon: why does the Iron Throne keep cutting Viserys?

House of the Dragon has only just begun but a recurring element has been poor Viserys cutting himself on the Iron Throne - here's why it might be happening

Viserys (Paddy Considine) in House of the Dragon

Why did the Iron throne keep cutting Viserys? We’Throughout the new fantasy series House of the Dragon, a recurring element was poor Viserys Targaryen cutting himself on the Iron Throne. The clumsy king couldn’t go an episode of the new TV series without slicing his hand, back, or buttock, but I suppose that’s what happens when you sit on the world’s sharpest chair.

The question is, why did the Iron throne keep cutting Viserys? Well, there are two answers to this one that’s rather mundane and another that hints at the more extraordinary magic and symbolism of the Iron Throne.

Why did the Iron Throne keep cutting Viserys?

The first reason King Viserys Targaryen kept cutting himself on the Iron Throne is because that’s what the chair is designed to do. No, seriously, when Aegon the Conqueror first used Balerion to melt a bunch of swords into the world’s deadliest armchair, he deliberately made the throne uncomfortable.

In the first Game of Thrones book, Ned Stark explains that the chair was designed so “a king should never sit easy”. It’s supposed to serve as a reminder that a king must be constantly vigilant, keeping an eye on the realm, helping his people, and not relaxing.

Even by the time of Joffrey Baratheon, the blades that made up the throne are still sharp enough to cut a careless king, and if we know anything about Viserys, it’s that he’s far from careful.

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Indeed that’s how Maegor the Cruel met his end, skewered on the throne he took from his brother’s family. There’s another theory, though, as to why the Iron Throne keeps cutting Visrys because, as we say, he’s far from the only King of Westeros to cut himself on the chair.

The YouTuber In Deep Geek speculates the throne may have a kind of magic to it. After all, it was forged in dragon’s fire, and they’re magical creatures. It’s possible that the Iron Throne is judging those sitting on it in some way, and if it deems them unworthy, it may cut them to remind them of their duty.

Viserys (Paddy Considine cuts himself on the Iron Throne

That would explain why some of the worst (or unworthy kings) have had such problems with the seat, most notably Aerys II, the Mad King who in the books cut himself that much that his courtiers began to call him King Scab behind his back.

Viserys may not be an evil king like Aerys, but he’s undeniably a weak man, and the throne might be judging him unworthy. It’s a cool theory for sure, but as In Deep Geek points out, one that’s unlikely to be ever confirmed. Maybe clumsiness just runs in the Targaryen blood, so we’ll have to keep an eye on Rhaenyra Targaryen and Aegon II in House of the Dragon season 2.

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