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Jason Blum and James Wan tease Invisible Man sequel

In a new joint interview with Jason Blum and James Wan, they discuss M3GAN, Insidious 5, and a potential sequel to The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man

Jason Blum and James Wan are two horror movie powerhouses who may soon be merging their two labels – Blumhouse and Wan’s Atomic Monster. The two have worked together many times, most notably on the Insidious franchise. Blum was not involved in Wan’s horror masterpiece Malignant, and that motivated him to not miss out on Wan’s next project. They are working together on M3GAN, which they hope will replicate Malignant’s success in 2023.

In a joint interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Blum says; “I get very nervous anytime James does a scary movie without me. I get very upset.” M3GAN has already become a viral sensation, before the movie is even out, and Universal reportedly want a sequel already.

Wan says; “I am very superstitious, and I don’t like to talk about sequels before the first film is even out. But like any of the movies I make, I always think of a bigger world. I don’t just think of that one story; I think of the bigger world. So if we’re fortunate enough to tell any other stories, we can pull from the bigger world.”

Universal is obviously home to famous monsters such as The Invisible Man, Wolfman, The Mummy, Jekyll & Hyde, and more. After their ‘Dark Universe’ project was aborted before it even began, they changed tack and have allowed auteurs such as Leigh Whannell and Derek Cianfrance to put their own spin on their iconic legacy characters. Whannell made an Invisible Man movie in 2020, and Cianfrance is developing a Wolfman movie with Ryan Gosling. There is also Renfield coming up soon, starring Nicolas Cage as Dracula.

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The interviewer asks ‘who do we hold accountable for the fact we haven’t had an Invisible Woman film, as a follow-up to The Invisible Man?’ Blum replies; “Well, it’s a great question. (Laughs.) I think we mostly hold me accountable, but hopefully, should our dreams come true and our two companies get to work together, maybe James will help me solve that problem.” And Wan says; “I’d be more than happy to.”

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