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Luke Evans recreates viral Netflix Scrooge movie scene

Luke Evans, who also played Gaston in the live-action Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, reacted to his viral role in new Netflix movie Scrooge

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We aren’t exactly short on Christmas movies about Scrooge, but streaming service Netflix gave us one anyway, with Scrooge: A Christmas Carol dropping on November 18 directly to the platform. Although the animated movie didn’t exactly set critics hearts alight, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 40%, it’s been much better received by audiences, especially on TikTok.

One moment in particular that’s capturing TikTokers’ hearts is the vocal performance of Scrooge in the original song, ‘Later Never Comes.’ With associated TikTok tags like #scroogeachristmascarol amassing millions of views, fans couldn’t get enough of the musical number. Several TikTokers remarked how it had them “simping for Scrooge,” with one video remarking how the song “had no right to go this hard.”

It wasn’t long until people realized that Luke Evans, who played Gaston in the live-action Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast, was behind the dulcet notes. In response to the viral moment, which had countless users remarking that he was “singing like rent was due,” Evans treated fans to a live performance of the song on his own TikTok page. Accompanying the video, he wrote, “Having a Scrooge moment at home just now! I love singing this song so much, especially hitting those two notes at the end!”

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Whatever you think of the Netflix Christmas movie, you can’t deny that the soundtrack belongs in the ‘animated musicals that go unreasonably hard’ Hall of Fame alongside Phil Collins in Tarzan and The Prince of Egypt.