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New Alien movie starts filming soon

Development of a new Alien movie is moving ahead fast, and we now know when the next instalment of the sci-fi movie franchise will begin shooting

Michael Fassbender as David in Alien Covenant

Ever since the original Alien movie hit our screens over 40 years ago, Hollywood has not stopped pumping out new instalments in the science fiction movie franchise. Well, the next one is on the way, and it starts shooting very soon.

Despite the first movie and its ‘80s movie sequel, Aliens, being the only two films in the Alien timeline to be universally revered, there have been various plans to keep it going even after the relative negativity surrounding Prometheus and Covenant.

Well, according to Production List, the next alien movie is gearing up to shoot early next year, and it also has a title now, too.

Acclaimed horror movie filmmaker Fede Álvarez is helming the project, and it has now been confirmed to start shooting on February 6, 2023. Thanks to the report, we also now know that the film will be called Alien: Romulus.

The fact the new movie begins shooting in less than two months means the picture could even release in 2023, though it would be a tight window. Still, we imagine an early 2024 release would be the worst-case scenario.

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As for the title, well, Romulus was the founder and first king of Rome. With this in mind, we can perhaps expect to see some more of the earliest origins of the Xenomorphs. According to the report, the project is described as “An original standalone feature based the original sci-fi horror movie released in 1979.”

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