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Every Spider-Man in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer

We've combed through the Across the Spider-Verse trailer to bring you a list of alll the major the Spider-Men from across the Spider-Verse

Every Spider-Man in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer

Just when Miles Morales thought he was getting to grips with being Spider-Man, Sony have gone and dropped a new trailer for Spider-Verse 2 and introduced a lot of competition. It seems that the new animated movie will have Miles going up against a literal army of interdimensional Wallcrawlers led by Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099.

Now we’re pretty confident that Miles and Miguel will be able to work out their differences, but we’ll have to watch the Spider-Man movie for sure. Unfortunately, Spider-Verse 2 isn’t out for months yet (learn more with our guide on the Spider-Verse 2 release date here), but don’t worry, you won’t leave empty-handed. We’ve combed through the trailer to bring you a list of every Spider-Man in the Across The Spider-Verse trailer.

A note, however, there are a lot of Spider-men and women in this teaser, and a lot of them are just recoloured or generic Spider-People with no established lore in the games, comics, or superhero movies, so we’ve just picked out the notable ones. We’ve also not included Miles, Gwen, or any of the major characters who have previously appeared because you know who they are.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man

It’s difficult to tell from the quick glimpse we get in the teaser, but this rather broad-looking Wallcrawler appears to be wearing a variation of the Superior Spider-Man’s suit.

The Superior Spider-Man was a version of Peter Parker who’d had his body stolen by a dying Doctor Octopus. Yes, it’s as dark as it sounds.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Spider-Gwen


Again it’s difficult to tell from the angle, but this may be Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl from the MC2 timeline. In that universe, Mayday replaced her father after her powers emerged during puberty and she went on to protect New York from new and dangerous threats.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Tom Holland

Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland?

Another one that’s difficult to tell but this version of Spidey’s wearing a version of the classic suit similar to Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland. He also looks far more photorealistic than the other Spider-Men as well.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: PS4 Spider-Man

PS4 Spider-Man

This one’s pretty obvious, but this is the version of Spider-Man we met in the Spider-Man PS4 games. This actually isn’t the first time PS4 Spidey’s swung across the Spider-Verse he previously appeared in the comic even Spider-Geddon.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: MK 2 Spider-Man

MK 2 Spider-Armour

Peter created this armour when he lost his spider-sense and needed to protect himself from a dangerous villain with an itchy trigger finger.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Spider-Cop


Spider-Cop’s a difficult variant to explain. Technically he first appeared in Spider-Geddon, but he was referenced long before that in the Spider-Man PS4 game when Peter was teasing Yuri. Fun to see the meme live on, though!

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Lady Spider

Lady Spider

Maybelle Reilly, aka Spider-Lady, is a steampunk Spider-Woman from a universe that’s still in the Victorian era. As her alter ego, Maybelle battles the Six Men of Sinistry and protects London from crime.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Spidercide


OK, this one we really didn’t expect. Spidercide is the third often-forgotten clone of Peter Parker created by The Spider-Man villain The Jackal. He’s basically just another evil Peter Parker, although he can control his individual molecules, which allows him to shape-shift.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Betty Brant

Spider-Woman (Betty Brant)

It’s difficult to tell from the angle she’s walking at, but we’re pretty sure this is Betty Brant from a What If…? storyline where she got spider-powers instead of Peter Parker. It’s either her or a slightly more adult character called Spider-B*tch, but she doesn’t fit the family-friendly tone of the film.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Spinneret and Spiderling

Spinneret and Spiderling

One of these two Spider-Folk is definitely MJ, aka Spinneret, from the Renew Your Vows. She’s basically a variant of Peter’s wife who uses a special device to share Peter’s Powers. That may mean this little Spider beside her is Spiderling, aka Annie Parker, Peter and MJ’s spider-powered daughter from the same dimension.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Spider-Wolf


There’s not much to say here. He’s a Spider-Man from a universe where everyone’s a werewolf… yup.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Captain Spider

Flash Thompson Spider-Man

There have been plenty of universes where one of Peter’s classmates got bit by the radioactive spider instead of him. This particular web-slinger, bears a passing resemblance to Captain Spider from a universe where Flash Thompson got the powers (also, the letterman jacket it s a dead giveaway).

YouTube Thumbnail

Bombastic Bagman

The Bombastic Bagman needs no introduction… oh what? He doe? OK then. Basically, when Peter Parker gave up the Venom symbiote, he left it with the Fantastic Four. They lent him one of their suits so he didn’t have to swing home in his shorts, but they obviously don’t wear masks so Pete had to improvise using a brown bag to disguise his identity.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: MK1 Spider armour

Spider-Armour MK1

This variant of Spidey’s wearing the MK1 armoured suit first featured in Web of Spider-Man #100 when Peter went up against the New Enforcers. While it only appeared in one issue of the comics, it’s been a fan favourite for years, even appearing in the Spider-Man animated series.

Spider-Verse 2 Spider-Men: Sinister 6 armour

 Sinister Six Armour Spider-Man

One of the most advanced suits ever built by Peter Parker, using all of the resources of Horizon Labs, this special armour is supposedly capable of taking down the entire Sinister Six.

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