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What will Avatar 3 be called?

A leaked report that accurately predicted the name The Way of Water may have revealed the Avatar 3 title, James Cameron must be a bit annoyed...

What will Avatar 3 be called?

What will Avatar 3 be called? Avatar 2 has only just hit theatres, but if there’s a lesson in the new James Cameron movie, it’s that humanity has an unbridled appetite to consume and is always looking for the next thing. It’s unsurprising, then, that rumours have already started to fly around about Avatar 3.

Specifically, fans think they’ve worked out what the next science fiction movie in Cameron’s expansive epic will be called. This comes from a 2018 story by the BBC that accurately predicted the title of The Way of Water, so what will Avatar 3 be called?

What will Avatar 3 be called?

The current rumour is that Avatar 3 will be titled, Avatar The Seed Bearer; however, this is unverified as of December 2022. We also know the supposed titles of the other Avatar sequels as well. Apparently, they will be called Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.

These titles first appeared online in 2018 and accurately predicted the title The Way of Water. It’s worth saying, though, that these titles may have changed in the last four years.

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