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When should you pee while watching Avatar 2?

James Cameron's new movie Avatar 2 is such a long film that you'll definitely need to go the loo during it, don't worry we've pinpointed when you can go pee

When can I go pee during Avatar 2

When should you pee while watching Avatar 2? Avatar 2 is a long movie. How long is Avatar 2? Well, basically, it’s long enough that you’ll definitely want to prepare like a mountaineer prepping for a rather arduous climb.

That means you’ll want to stock up on provisions, including food and a drink. You could even treat yourself to a gallon of soda if you’ve got $24.99 burning a hole in your pocket and feel like splurging. The issue is that eating and drinking inevitably lead to one thing, needing the bathroom.

And, of course, you’ll be so ensnared by the new James Cameron movie you’ll be reluctant to leave (check out our Avatar 2 review here) the theatre. This gives rise to a dilemma. Do you endure the pain of needing a pee, ruin an usher’s day by relieving yourself in your seat, or make the trip to the bathroom and miss part of the Na’vi’s adventure? Well, don’t worry. We’ve seen The Way of Water to answer the question ‘when should you pee while watching Avatar 2?

When should you pee while watching Avatar 2?

There are two key moments where you can slip away to the bathroom during Avatar 2, and the good thing is they go on forever, so you can slip away to relieve your bladder without fear of missing any of the good bits.

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The Sully training montage

OK, early in the film, we get an extended sequence where the Sullys get to grips with the ways of the Metkayina. It’s a fun bit of world-building that establishes how out of their depth (pun not intended) the family is

Ultimately, though, unless you think the sight of Sam Worthington falling off a fish several times is hilarious, then we’d recommend nipping to the loo here.

When should you pee while watching Avatar 2?

The Tulkuns return to the Metkayina village

Right, the Tulkuns are brilliant, and we’d die for Payakan… that said, the scene where they return to the Metkayina village and reunite with their old friends is one of the least essential in the film.

All you need to know is that the Metkayina bloody love these whales, and unless you’re desperate to see a good ten minutes of Na’vi swimming with space whales, we recommend taking a comfort break during this scene.

Be warned, though, the Tulkun hunting scene is brilliant and heartbreaking simultaneously. Also, don’t skip any of the Payakan stuff; that’s essential to understanding the final act. It’s also probably your last chance to go relieve yourself before the final act.

When should you pee while watching Avatar 2?

James Cameron’s thoughts

If you’ve never gotten over being at school and still need an authority figure to grant you permission to go to the toilet, though, you could listen to Cameron. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said  audience members could pee “any time they want” because “they can see the scene they missed when they come see it again.”

Avatar 2 is in theatres now. If you need a refresher before seeing the film, be sure to read our article, ‘Everything you need to know before watching Avatar 2‘.

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