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Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has a great cameo in this new game

Paul Walker, who starred in the Fast and Furious movies, makes a hilarious cameo in a new game from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland

Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious movies

As you might expect from Justin Roiland, co-creator of animated series Rick and Morty, new FPS game High on Life creates plenty of obscure references and obtuse jokes. Among all the pop culture deep cuts is that ties into the Fast and Furious movies in a way that’s kind of genius.

In the action-adventure game, you can find a room where a horror movie is playing. If you’d like, you can just stand there and enjoy the corny monster movie in full. If you don’t know your ’90s movies, you might think this was all purpose made, but it isn’t. The feature is actually Tammy and the T-Rex, a 1994 picture by Steven Raffill, that stars none other than Paul Walker.

This was early in the career of the Fast and Furious cast-member. It was his third credited role, wherein he plays a guy named Michael whose brain is transplanted into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Hey, it was the ’90s, science fiction movies were just built different.

Walker would later become a Hollywood A-lister as Fast and Furious character Brian O’Connor. He headlined seven of the thriller movies before his untimely passing in 2015.

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High on Life likely wasn’t making any kind of intention tribute to Walker, but no doubt plenty of players will be searching out the film afterwards only to be surprised to see his name. Denise Richards is in Tammy and the T-Rex as well, so he wouldn’t be alone in the bizarre resurgence.

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