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The Flash trailer will premiere at Superbowl

The Flash trailer looks set to premiere at the Superbowl in early 2023, which will give audiences a better look at the upcoming superhero movie

Ezra Miller as The Flash

The Flash trailer will make its long-anticipated debut at the upcoming Superbowl in early 2023. After the release of Shazam 2 in March, The Flash will be next on the DC movie slate with its June release date. Despite that being relatively close, we’ve only had one teaser so far for the upcoming superhero movie, meaning that audiences are currently in the dark with what to expect from the release.

However, that’s set to change. The Wrap reports that at the next Superbowl, which takes place on February 12, 2023, a new trailer for the action movie will be released. It will give a better insight into the look and tone of the movie, as well as its plot and villain.

This will be the first proper look that audiences get at the movie, which will release amid plenty of DC-related turbulence. James Gunn has transferred from making MCU movies to heading up the DC movies in a role not un-similar to Kevin Feige’s.

This has led to the dismantling of the ‘Snyderverse’ as Henry Cavill has been canned from Superman movies (again); Wonder Woman 3 has reportedly been but on indefinite hold; and Jason Momoa looks to be taking on an entirely new character.

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Given that, The Flash trailer will likely raise more questions than it answers. Will The Flask stick around in a post-Gunn world, or will the characters’ first solo movie also be the last?

At one point, it even seemed uncertain if there would ever be a trailer for the movie because The Flash seemed to be dangling over the edge of cancellation. With numerous allegations circulating about Ezra Miller, as well as the arrest of the movie star, it seemed that The Flash might never see the light of day, especially when you consider that Batgirl was unceremoniously cancelled. But, now that we have a reported release date for the trailer, The Flash movie is as alive as it’s ever been.

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