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Joey Batey’s Jaskier will return for The Witcher: Blood Origin

The Witcher Blood Origin: Joey Batey will officially return as Jaskier the bard in the prequel series to The Witcher which airs on Christmas Day

Joey Batey as Jaskier in The Witcher

Joey Batey, who has starred in the Netflix series The Witcher as Jaskier the bard, will be reprising his role in The Witcher: Blood Origin. The Witcher: Blood Origin is a prequel to the fantasy series, set over 1000 years before the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer, and Jaskier the bard.

The upcoming TV series, which will release on December 25, is set to follow a cast of warriors on a quest for vengeance. Starring Michelle Yeoh, Minnie Driver and Lenny Henry, Blood Origin is packed full of action, gore, romance, and drama. So, your usual Witcher fare then.

However, in what will come as an unexpected twist to fans of the series, it has been announced in a new trailer that Joey Batey will also star in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Given that the series is set 1000 years before Jaskier’s birth, fans will want to know exactly how the bard is involved in the series, and they’ll have to wait until the release date to find out.

Batey plays fan-favourite character Jaskier, who is Geralt’s travelling bard companion. More than that though, Batey is the man behind Jaskier’s songs Toss A Coin To Your Witcher, Her Sweet Kiss, and Burn Butcher Burn.

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The relationship between Jaskier and Henry Cavill’s Geralt has been a highlight of The Witcher up until now, with Jaskier acting as the perfect foil to Geralt’s seriousness. So, fans of the series will be excited to see exactly what Jaskier’s role in Blood Origin looks like, and what it’ll mean for his character going forward in The Witcher season 3 and beyond.

For more insight into Jaskier’s surprise return, check out our interview with Joey Batey himself, where we discussed Henry Cavill’s exit, musical spin-off series, and much more.