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Spider-Man series showrunner teases “delightful” Spider-Verse spin-off

Angela Kang, who was part of horror series The Walking Dead, is working on a Spider-Man spin-off based on the character Silk, and she's teased the process

Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Besides upcoming Spider-Man movie Into the Spider-Verse 2, we’re also getting a new thriller series starring Silk, another webhead. It’s coming to Amazon Prime Video, and Angela Kang, who worked on horror series The Walking Dead, is showrunner.

In an Instagram post, she finally commented on the announcement, talking up the positive energy in the production. “Was a lot going on when this was announced, so a little belatedly, here’s my new gig,” she added to a repost from Variety. “I love this character and working with Phil Lord and Chris Miller is as delightful as you’d imagine.”

In the announcement, it was revealed that Amazon has commissioned a line of Spider-Man related TV series from Sony and Marvel. Sony is producing the shows, as part of Lord and Miller’s ongoing deal with the studio, with former Sony chairperson Amy Pascal as executive producer.

this first project is called Silk: Spider City, and it’ll follow Cindy Moon, a girl who gains spider-like powers from the same arachnid that bites Peter Parker. Her backstory involves willful imprisonment for years due to being hunted by the Spider-Man villain Morlun, but no word on if this show will cover any off that.

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Kang ends by voicing her excitement at what’s coming, and it all sounds like everything is in full swing. This’ll be the first major televisual spider-production in sometime. We’ve had steady animated series, but nothing live-action besides the superhero movies, making this an intriguing development.

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