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Wednesday season 2 isn’t greenlit yet, but Netflix is “optimistic”

Wednesday has become one of Netflix's biggest hits, but they still haven't announced a second season. So Vulture asked; how come Mr. Friedlander?


The Addams Family spin-off Wednesday has been a huge ratings hit for Netflix. It is the number three most-viewed show of all time on the streaming service, behind Stranger Things season 4, and Squid Game (which is far ahead of the two English-language shows). Wednesday has now crossed the one billion hours viewed threshold, within a month of being released.

Netflix has had a notoriously troubled year, with financial losses, lay-offs and more. However, 2022 has seen several TV shows that have quickly joined their all-time Top 10 most-watched shows. In addition to Wednesday and Stranger Things S4 – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Inventing Anna, and Bridgerton season two have all joined the Top 10.

Wednesday season 2 is surely inevitable, but Netflix are holding back on announcing it until 2023, it would seem. In a new interview with Vulture, the head of US scripted series, Peter Friedlander was asked if he anticipates an Addams Family universe expanding from Wednesday, as well as about a second season; “I wish I could tell you more. I’m optimistic, but have nothing to say right now.”

Friedlander was asked about the secret behind Wednesday’s success and said; “I don’t know that I can identify one thing. I do feel like it’s firing on all cylinders. When you look from every angle at that show, you’re seeing extraordinary creative performances. Jenna Ortega is just so singular in that performance and has become a breakout superstar, and that’s one angle.”

“You have the storytellers, as you mentioned: Al Gough and Miles Millar combined with the legend Tim Burton. You have the visual specialists, whether that’s the Colleen Atwood-of-it-all costume design, and Danny Elfman with the music. It’s just the most brilliant craftspeople coming together to create this experience.”

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