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House of the Dragon: why doesn’t Prince Aemond have a dragon?

House of the Dragon: the Targaryens used their powerful dragons to conquer Westeros so why doesn't Prince Aemond have one of his own?

House of the Dragon: Prince Aemond

Why doesn’t Prince Aemond have a dragon? In many ways, dragons defined the land of Westeros. It was Aegon the Conqueror and his dragon Balerion the Black Dread who forged the Seven Kingdoms into one political entity using the might of these mighty beasts to crush, cow, and coerce the petty lords and ladies of the land into submission.

In the fantasy series House of the Dragon, we see how these mighty beasts have helped the Tagrayen dynasty keep their grip on the Iron Throne, and the royal family regularly take their dragons out on flights across the land. Still, not all Targaryens get a dragon.

This isn’t too surprising. After all, there are plenty of Taragryens (for now) and only a handful of dragons. As such, they tend to be reserved for the most influential and powerful Targaryen family members. So you’d probably expect the king’s son to receive one? Yet we saw in House of the Dragon episode 6 that not all the king’s sons have a dragon. So why doesn’t Prince Aemond have a dragon?

Why doesn’t Prince Aemond have a dragon?

Prince Aemond doesn’t have a dragon because one hasn’t hatched for him. As we saw in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, hatching a dragon’s egg is not easy, especially after the Doom of Valyria.

We’re told more than half the dragon eggs that are lain never hatch. As such, there’s no guarantee that the Targaryens will be able to hatch a dragon for every royal baby.

We can presume that the eggs prepared for Aegon, Jacaerys, and Lucerys, were all successfully hatched, but Aemond wasn’t lucky. Like Daemon’s child Rhaena – who we see trying to hatch her egg in the TV series – Aemond’s egg presumably turned to stone. However, hatching a dragon isn’t the only way to become a dragonrider.

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Does Aemond get a dragon?

Yes, Aemond will become a dragonrider. As we say, there’s more than one way to get yourself a dragon; it’s possible following the death of a dragonrider to bond with their now riderless mount.

Aemond will eventually claim the ancient and powerful dragon Vhagar – who until recently belonged to Laena Velaryon and took part in Aegon’s conquest. Vhagar and Aemond will become a deadly combination, taking part in the Dance of Dragons and eventually earning the nickname the Terror of the Trident.

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