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Stephen Lang came up with one of Avatar 2’s coolest moments

The best directors know if they want to make a truly great movie they need to listen to their actors and that's what James Cameron did with the Avatar 2 cast

Stephen Lang came up with one of Avatar 2's coolest moments

Great directors realise that filmmaking is a collaborative process, and if they want to make a film that’ll go down as one of the best movies ever made, then they need to listen to their cast and crew. Take James Cameron, for example; he wasn’t afraid to listen to the Avatar 2 cast while making his science fiction movie, and it really paid off.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to spoil anything, and the scene in question is in the action movie’s trailer. It’s the bit where Lang’s character Quaritch, now a Na’vi avatar, finds what’s left of his human body, a rotten skeleton left in an abandoned war suit.

Looking at all that remains of his previous life, Quaritch picks up the skull and crushes it with his new powerful Na’vi hands. It’s a really intense scene that shows, without using dialogue, the anger Quaritch feels for failing to stop Jake Sully and the Na’vi.

During a press conference attended by The Digital Fix, Cameron spoke for Lang, explaining how he came up to him with the scene.

“He’s being humble… But I just want to shout out that Stephen is also a screenwriter, very accomplished, and he actually brought ideas that I was able to incorporate in the writing phase, we have a kind of a shorthand that way,” Cameron said. “Like when he finds his own remains in the forest, that was actually Stephen’s suggestion. So you know… I’m open to anything.”

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