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Why are the humans hunting the Tulkuns in Avatar 2?

In his first Avatar movie James Cameron proved how cruel humanity could be but they take it a step further in The Way of Water by hunting the Tulkun

Why are the humans hunting the Tulkuns in Avatar 2?

Why are the humans hunting the Tulkuns in Avatar 2? If the Avatar movies make one thing clear, it’s that some humans don’t have a lot of respect for nature and will do anything to make a quick buck.

In the first James Cameron movie, we saw the RDA destroy the Omaticaya Hometree to get the unobtanium underneath it, and they’d have happily destroyed the Tree of Souls to get more. In the new science fiction movie Avatar 2, humanity once again proves how cruel it can be by hunting the Tulkun  — a sort of hyper-intelligent Pandoran whale.

The Tulkun have a special relationship with the Na’vi of the Metkayina water tribe, and their slaughter ultimately leads Jake and his family to confront humanity once again.  But why are the humans hunting the Tulkuns?

Why are the humans hunting the Tulkuns?

The humans are hunting the Tulkuns to get a hold of a special hormone that completely stops human ageing. According to Scoresby, who leads the Tulkun hunts on Pandora, a single dose of this fluid, called Amrita (we think? We’ve only seen the film once, and subtitles weren’t on), is worth $80 million.

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